Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Phoenix Wright Anatomy Book

For my figure drawing class, our teacher had us study the anatomy of the human figure. We were to select a theme for the anatomy books we were supposed to make. At first, I wanted it to be fantasy, but I put off the book for too long, and drawing my own fantasy characters (completely with armor and environment) would have taken too long.

So instead of making my own characters, I decided to take previously made characters and just draw on top of them. My final theme was Phoenix Wright. I had some Apollo Justice in there too, but I figured he could fit under the Phoenix Wright theme just as well.

Skull and muscles

Pectoralis major (Apollo Justice)

Lower torso front (Dick Gumshoe)

Back (Phoenix Wright)

Upper arm, back view (Franziska von Karma)

Arm, inside view (Klavier Gavin)

Upper and lower leg, front view (Mia Fey)

I didn't get to cover the whole body. I wanted to do hands and feet, neck, the back view of the leg, and the back view of the lower torso.

Well, I got an A, and my teacher kept my book to show as an example for future semesters. I wish I had something better though. This isn't exactly something I would consider impressive enough to be kept as an example.... I mean, it looks nice, but it could have been much better.

I guess it's not too bad for two days of work though, so I shouldn't complain.

Yep. Anatomy!