Monday, July 30, 2012

Word a Week Illustration #3: Supervillain

Meet Tanya Victera.

I had her whole back story typed up, but it's pretty darn long, so I decided not to post it. I might post it another time, but for now, here's a sort of summary:

A child prodigy, she quickly mastered several forms of martial arts and is quite the marksman with firearms at the young age of nine. She's not a super villain, but she suffered a traumatic childhood and she is out to set the world on fire and watch it burn.

Yep... Looking at it now, there are some changes that need to be made, but overall, I don't think I'm very disappointed. Maybe just a little :P

Monday, July 23, 2012

Word a Week Illustration #2: Superhero

Last week's word was Superhero. I know Robin's not a real superhero, but I like him. Plus, two of my friends and I just finished watching the Teen Titans series, so we decided to spam others with Teen Titans characters :)

My friends did Beast Boy and Starfire. I was the only one who did mine in a Teen Titans style though. Beast Boy was very, very awesomely painted, and Starfire was done in the comic version, not Teen Titans version. For me, I just made Robin look a little older, and I used Teen Titan model sheets for my reference.

Again, I wish I had made a real background. I cheated and used a photo because I was already 3 hours late with my illustration. Had I painted one myself, I might have not been able to finish until the next day. Still, I'm happy with the way it turned out. I'm thinking I might paint a background for it to really make it my own.

Thanks to whoever's picture I stole for the background! :P

Word a Week Illustration #1: Turtle

We're doing Word a Week Illustration again! But this year, instead of having one person choose each week's word, we're tossing out themes and then voting on them.

Week 1's word was turtle. Here's my illustration:

Baby turtle really wanted that star, so he got some big friends to help him out :)

I wish I had added some sort of background instead of having it just plain black. I did this at a friend's house and I had left my tablet at home, so with what I had in my pen pouch, I made this in a half hour. If I had a tablet, I probably would have taken about 3 hours on this. 5 hours if I added a background.

Portfolio Review Attempt #1

This is the portfolio I submitted this past semester. I didn't get in, and I think I know why. I definitely need to work harder and improve before I apply again in the fall.

Cover Page:

112A Charcoal Reversal: Palazzo Ducale

112A Pen & Ink Illustration: "The Glove"

113A Black & White Acrylic Painting and Color Comps: Insomnia

112B Figure Drawings: Short Poses

112B Figure Drawings: Long Poses

Anatomy Studies

Drapery and Perspective



Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Monday, July 2, 2012

Speed Painting #15

Here's a rooster thing!


I cropped the photo because there was too much background and it was kind of boring since there's no middle ground or anything on the right side.

Feathers are frickin' hard. I also didn't squint enough again. I find that if I'm better rested, I squint better. Actually, when I'm better rested, I remember to squint, which I guess qualifies as squinting better since I don't squint at all when I'm tired....

Not very fond of this painting. The colors suck and the shapes suck. I still need to go darker. Some parts need to be more saturated too. Fuuuuuuuuu--------

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Speed Painting #14

Well... Here's a sinking ship...


The stupid type on the ship is awful. I tried to write it in quickly and get back to it later to paint the shapes instead of writing it, but I didn't get to it. A lot of my values are wrong too.

I know I still have 2 left, but I think this will be my last one. I'm really tired and I don't think I'll learn much more if I keep going. It was really hard for me to find my shapes on this one, and this one was supposed to be easier. It's only going to get worse if I keep painting.

A consistent thing in all four paintings is that I'm afraid to go dark. The darkest parts of my painting are never dark enough.

I like these painting days. I need more of these :)