Saturday, June 30, 2012

Speed Painting #13

This is a picture of Liberia, Costa Rica:

Here's the painting:

After blocking in the shapes, I wanted to start over because everything was wrong. I didn't squint at all. Once I squinted, I saw that everything was off. I didn't start over though, because my friends and I are working as a group and I didn't want them to wait 15 minutes for me (we were sharing a timer). So I made do with what I had, and I feel like my painting suffered since I was trying to constantly correct my mistakes from my blocking stage.

Three down, three more to go.

Speed Painting #12

This one is of an abandoned auto plant. Apparently, I love structures with columns, cuz my reversal was like this too. Not that I'm any good at it...

Here's the image:

Here's the painting:

I delegated my time between the 4 quadrants this time, so the whole thing looks more or less the same in terms of progress, although I still tried to render when I shouldn't have... And after working the four quadrants and I zoomed out, the columns didn't line up! But they were close enough that I could quickly fix it in about 5 minutes. But over all, I like this one better than the butterfly one. Yay. Hopefully the next one will be better still! :)

Speed Painting #11

Today, my friend is here, not to hang out, but to be my drill sergeant. We're doing speed paintings all day today. My first one is of a Glass Wing Butterfly. Here's the photo:

Here's the painting:

It's unfinished. I'm using my friend's method of blocking it in quickly on a small canvas, then enlarging it and focusing on the four quadrants separately, and then bringing it all together in the end. Except I didn't get to the right half.... It's not done at all, but now I know I have to delegate my time and work faster. I still got caught up in details much too soon. The next one will be better!