Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Figure Drawing

Well, it's past midnight, but to me, it's still Tuesday.

So on Tuesdays, we have summer figure drawing. I got home, but I still wanted to draw, so I pulled up a figure drawing website with anatomy. I kinda liked what I drew. I threw a piece of tracing paper on top to clean it up a bit, but without all the under-drawing, it seemed to be missing the feeling I put into it...

Here's the one with the first drawing under it. It feels like it has more weight to it:

Here's the one with just the tracing paper. The lines feel so flimsy compared to the first one:

Well, anyway, I kinda liked it, so I decided to post it.

Also, I liked the face on it. It actually makes some sense.

The hands and feet look really strange, especially the feet.... I've never had the feet look worse than the hands before.... But the model had weird feet... I'm used to drawing skinnier feet, and these feet were pretty big... I guess I should work on drawing thicker feet then.