Saturday, December 7, 2013

Two Artists, One Painting

Back in September, a friend and I worked on a digital painting together. It was a little warm-up to our semester, and we figured a little extra practice would do us both good. As we passed the file back and forth, we had one just rule: we weren't allowed to ask each other what the other was painting.

First, I painted a red balloon and tossed in some color for a sky:

Next, my friend tied the balloon to a cute little door:

Then, I decided the door should lead to another dimension, and that a tree was a fantastic place for this to happen...

Lastly, my friend gave the tree a ground plane to sit on, and filled the sky with clouds.

This was the first time I had shared a digital painting with someone, and it was fun to see what we came up with. Hopefully over the winter break, we will do more of these to keep us from getting too rusty :)