Thursday, October 25, 2012

It's Portfolio Time Again!

Here are some new things I'm thinking about putting into my new portfolio. Classwork stuff is mostly going to stay the same because I have to put them in, but hopefully the addition of my 113B stuff will help move my portfolio from "no" to "yes." There are some things that I have yet to scan in, but this is the new stuff I have so far.

Note: This is not my actual layout. They're just things I want to put in. They'll be arranged in a layout later.

I took Robin's design from Teen Titans and I made him older. I don't know if it would be good to put fanart into a portfolio, but I liked how he looked (minus his elbow areas). I might just end up taking him out.

An original character I made this summer. She's the first character I've made that I actually put into Photoshop and tried to make her look nice.

I mostly like this one for the arm and torso. I know the legs are weird, but I can either try and fix it, or I can just take out this one.

Pinecone (Graphite Rendering)

 Pinecone (Acrylic Paint Rendering)

Peruvian Pepper Tree Berries (Graphite Rendering)

Some tree in front of the library at school (ignore the notes I forgot to erase)

Another tree in front of the library.

Edit: Look at some of these again, I realize how bad the scans are. The trees and the berries don't look very good here.